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Longest Recorded “Intentional” Kiteboarding Jump
(22 seconds)

Ruben Lenten 50ft Jump
(He is my hero)

Ruben Lenten
(Action and Interview Video)

Cliff Jumping
(with a kite)

Balloon Jump
(Would have been better if he did not have a parachute)

Strapless Kite Surfing w/ jumps
(Someday I will be this good... someday)

Running on Water
(This video is here due to the running on the water trick at the beginning of the video, and at 3:40)

Kiteboaring between whales
(Simply amazing)

You should be ashamed of yourself for watching these...

Longest “Non-intentional” Kiteboarding Jump Ever

All I ask is that you watch the first minute and a half…

This is Why You Need to Take Lessons Before You Try and Kiteboard
(warning music is not for virgin ears)

Hurricane Fay Kiteboarding Accident
(Yes you have seen it already, but the collection wouldn’t be complete without it)




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