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2008 12M Naish Helix (Complete with bar and lines) 

$600 (Plus Shipping)

It is in perfect condition, and has only been flown about a dozen times. This is a ground breaking kite with an amazing wind range and performance.

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2007 15M Cabrinha Omega (Complete with bar and lines) 

$550 (Plus Shipping)

Still in excellent condition, the Omega HD (High Depower) kiteboarding kite is a versatile freeride kite. Whether it be kitesurfing or snowkiting, the Omega HD kiteboarding kite delivers durability, performance and security at an affordable price.

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2007 Cabrinha Imperial 128x37 (w/ pads, straps, & fins)

$325 (Plus Shipping)

The Cabrinha Imperial is a board that likes to be ridden hard and fast. The outline, which is narrower than our Custom model, is made to handle high speeds through rough or choppy water. For freestyle or freeriding, you'll have the confidence to take off or land your trick anywhere . . . in control.



2007 Cabrinha Prodigy 148 (w/ pads, straps, & fins)

$275 (Plus Shipping)

The Cabrinha Prodigy kiteboard is the easiest way to get yourself up and riding with the least amount of effort. This board is still in great shape and at a price that can't be beat.

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2004 Underground SWT 120 (w/ pads, straps, & fins)

$240 (Plus Shipping)

Essentially a shortened and widened wave tray design, the Underground SWT delivers all that you would expect from a board this size. It has blistering pace, extremely low swing weight in the air, and due to the back foot's position so close to the tail - insane carving and pop potential - perfect for freestyle on super smooth water.



Liquid Force Switch 185 (w/ pads & straps)

$150 (Plus Shipping)

Great lightwind board in great condition. Has only been used a couple of times, and barely has any of the usual scratches.

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