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If you are going to be kiteboarding you have to know what the weather is going to be doing. This is why we created one source to get all of your weather information. Take a look, and feel free to bookmark this page. However, if you are obsessed with kiting every possible day feel free to make this your homepage.

iKiTESURF Wind Forecast- Probably the best place to see many the wind predictions in one place. iKiTESURF Current Wind- If you are ready to go out check this page first to see if the wind is there.
 iKITESURF Wind Forcast   iKITESURF current wind
SAILFLOW Exact Wind Location- This is a great tool for deciding which spot to ride. It shows wind direction and speed during specific times for the entire bay area. SAILFLOW Tides- There are certain spots that you can not ride in low tide and  others where the current can be strong during tidal shifts. That's what this page is for.
 SailFlow Wind Direction  SailFlow Tides
AccuWeather Forecast- One of the most accurate forecasts available. AccuWeather Radar- It is important to see storms in the distance before you plan your session, and that is just what this provides.
 AccuWeather Weather Forcast  Accuweather Radar
TBO Weather Forecast- Another great forecast to cross reference the others. TBO Animated Radar- Great for seeing where the storm in heading.
TBO Forcast  TBO radar
NOAA 7 Day Forecast- Great for planning out you week and seeing the wind and storms in one place. Sky Cams- You can look for white caps on the water, and you can even see kites at Cypress Beach from the Tampa International Airport camera.
NOAA Bay News 9 Sky Cams

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